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How Much Can Bundles Save You?
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Bundles Your Services & Save Big!

Digital TV

Convenient On Demand mixes up movie night with hundreds of movies, TV shows and even concerts, all at your finger tips. Save on Digital TV now!

Time Warner Cable®

Hundreds of channels available give you the front seat on great cable action. Get the Time Warner Cable DVR so you don't miss a thing! Start watching today!

Cox Advanced TV

The crystal-clear picture makes your COX entertainment all the more entertaining. Access awesome HD programming and digital quality sound for your viewing pleasure!

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High Definition Facts

What is High Definition

High-Definition, High-Def, HD, what does it all mean? Well, for one it means a much better TV-watching experience! HDTV is famous for having resolution substantially higher than traditional, standard-definition television. HD has one or two million pixels per frame, that?s five times higher than what you?re probably watching now.

So What's 1080p?

1080p is the king of the HDTV hill. It boasts of a 1,920x1,080 resolution which means you get an AWESOME picture. The "p" is very important and represents the latest in HD technology. Progressive-scan (the "p") formats mean that the lines of resolution are conveyed sequentially in a single pass which results in a much smoother, cleaner image.

Getting the most out of your HD Television

When you add On Demand and Pay Per View services you really get the most out of your HDTV. With HD On Demand programming you can watch concerts, pixel-elating programming like the "Planet Earth" Series, and other HD goodies on your time.

Time To Upgrade

Switching To HD

To enjoy the "in-your-face" action that HD delivers you have to have the right equipment. Make sure that you have the HD cable box, which should be provided when you take the well-worth-it HD leap with your cable provider. You also need to purchase an HDMI cable to start enjoying the digital-quality High-Def imagery from your HD cable box. With just a box, a cable, and your HD programming package from your cable provider, you're ready to experience HD in your home.

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HDTV Benefits

  • Amazing clarity and digital-quality Surround Sound
  • The "Front-seat" theatre experience
  • Limited-time deals & promotions that can't be beat
  • Entire neighborhood envy

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