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Cable vs. Satellite


There's no question that cable is the most popular service in the nation. Customers feel that cable service is convenient and cheaper if they have multiple televisions in their home. Many cable customers like the one box solutions that providers are introducing and the variety of programming. Satellite customers are growing; about 1 in 4 American consumers have satellite TV in their homes. Only time will tell which service will reign in this popularity content.


Cable box or the satellite dish? Let's face it, both are better than those hideous rabbit ears your TV used to sport (let's hope you're still not living with those things!). Cable equipment is relatively less expensive than satellite TV equipment and easier to maintain and deal with. Many apartment dwellers like the convenience of the cable box but people in particular regions have to use the dish to get service at all. Typically, it's a matter of location.


While satellite picture can be subject to the weather conditions, many satellite TV customers rave about the lack of "snow" in their picture. Satellite outages are rarer than cable outages and typically satellite TV viewers encounter far less technical issues with their service. Luckily, many major cable companies have excellent customer service and satisfaction policies/guarantees in place to take care of those quirky cable boxes.


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Prescribe HD For Your Eye

Is HDTV worth it? The equipment upgrades, the HD packages, and programming changes. It might seem like a lot of work. But, it isn't. And while you may think that all mighty High-Definition picture quality is too much deniro for your budget, you're wrong. HD deals are the lowest they've been in a long time as the technology continues to evolve. HD picture is unmatched and the TV watching experience on an HD television is unreal. You have to see it to believe it! But beware, once you go HD, it'll hurt your eyes to go back.

Why DVR?

Cable DVR

Be The Boss

DVRs put you in charge of your TV. Call the shots and schedule recordings so that you never miss a second of your favorite show. With pause, rewind and fast forward features, you can get into all of the action uninterrupted.

Protected For The Unexpected

A lot of unexpected things can come up right as you sit down with your favorite show or sports team. You might even run out of chips! Protect yourself against those unexpected moments that interrupt couch time with a DVR that lets you stop even live TV in its tracks.

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Get more bang for your entertainment buck by making the switch to cable. You'll like what you see and like what you save even more. With hundreds of digital channels and a picture you have to check out, you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner. Get more. Get cable.

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